Want to drive COTA?

Since we told everyone at the club’s HPDE weekend, I will spill the beans here now.

Lone Star, Tejas, and Houston Chapters have joined together to host a Club Race/ HPDE/ Autocross/ Car Show, 3 day weekend in March of 2013 at “The Circuit of Americas”.

The date is not completely set YET, but we feel we are over 95% sure of this happening. Spaces will be limited and hard to come by. Members who have participated in the clubs HPDE’s and Autocrosses will be given a 3 day advanced window to register for this event first, then remaining spots open to the 3 chapters members for another 3 days before BMWCCA national members being able to register.

If one saying ever held true for this event, it is “YOU SNOOZE YOU LOOSE”. Don’t wait to register or you will not get a spot. We are extremely proud to offer our chapter members this opportunity. Stay tuned for when the registration opens!

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