Required Forms

On this page you will find all the forms that need to be filled out and brought to registration the morning of the DE. These forms must be filled out prior to the event and provided at registration.

Tech Inspection Form

Medical Form – LSC Events

They will also be sent to you via email once we receive your registration and you are accepted into the event.

Additional Details:  Pre-Event Tech Inspection Report

This is a check list of items which must be filled out by a professional mechanic. Several local shops can provide the tech inspection service. You can find some of these shops on our advertisers page.

The DE tech on hand may very closely inspect your car either day of the event. If it is not 100% in accordance with our rules or does not meet his satisfaction you will not run. There will be no refunds due to car that is not properly prepared for the track so be prepared ahead of time!

The Driving School participant is solely responsible for the condition of the vehicle to be driven to, at, and from this event. The participant must have the vehicle inspected no earlier than six(6) weeks prior to the event. It is required that the inspection be performed by a qualified professional who is familiar with the make and model of the vehicle. At the time of the inspection, the participant must sign the completed Safety Inspection Report. The Pre-Event Safety Inspection Report must be presented to the Lone Star Chapter Tech Personnel at the track on the day of the event. Event personnel may perform spot checks for trackworthiness as well. Participants without a completed Pre-Event Safety Inspection Report will not be allowed to drive the vehicle on the track! If your Inspection Report has not been turned in by the first Driver’s Meeting, you will miss your first run group session. If your car is deemed unsafe it will not be allowed on the track and your entry fee will be forfeited.

Medical Form

A Medical Form must be filled out to provide emergency contact information and a list of known allergies and medical conditions should medical attention be required while you are at the track.  Please seal your completed form in a white envelope and write your name on the outside.  This envelope will be collected at the registration table and retained on file in the event of an emergency.  All envelopes will remain sealed unless needed, and will be shredded after the event.