2018 Driving Tours

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On average, we have about 16 cars attending our tours.  We welcome all to join us.  With this many cars, we highly recommend purchasing a 40-channel CB radio (this is different than an FRS radio) to hear about road conditions and participate in group discussions (if this is your first time, this is not required to get a taste of the road).

Please review the Touring Etiquette prior to attending a tour in order to understand our rules and regulations.

2018 Tour Update

Mark your calendars for our 2018 tour schedule. We have a number of small out-of-town trips planned for 2018. In addition, we are going to return to a few places people have been asking about and try a few other destinations.

January 1st – Monday – 8:30a-noon: Hair of Dog

Our third annual Hair of the Dog New Year’s Day drive will take us out in the southern area of the Metroplex, traveling back toward West, TX for some Kloaches and then take a few of our favorite south-western roads back toward Godley, TX and stopping for lunch at Del Norte Tacos.

February 17 – Saturday: Gimmick Rally

This year, we are going to try an in-Metro area fun rally. We’ll start from the Dallas side of town and work our way through some popular tourist spots, looking for clues along the way. Stay tuned for more details on the start point but you will need a driver and navigator so start talking to your friend(s) about joining this adventure.

March 2-4 – Friday-Sunday: Fredericksburg

Our Annual pilgrimage back to the hill country. We look forward to seeing what has changed and enjoy the twisty roads. Others find great adventures in Fredericksburg shopping. In addition, we have a few group lunches/dinners at interesting locations in and around Fredericksburg.

March 31 – Saturday: Cranfills Gap Tour

Easter weekend, the Lone Star Chapter takes off in search of some interesting roads.

April 12-13 – Thursday-Sunday: Big Bend Tour

Back by popular demand, we are making plans to return to the Big Bend area of West Texas. Hopefully we get to see the native Big Bend Blue Bonnets out in force, hike in beautiful weather, find some more twisty roads, visit the food trucks in Marfa, see the stars at McDonald observatory, etc. There’s something special in West Texas and we hope you can join us for this adventure.

May 26 – Saturday: Let’s Eat Cafe Tour

Memorial Day weekend finds us traveling toward Granbury and some good food for dinner. We’ll get to see Let’s Eat’s new location and enjoy some nice Texas scenery.

June 2 – Saturday: Cars and Coffee Tour

It might be getting a little warmer but a trip to Cars & Coffee at Classic BMW is always a good way to start the day. We’ll find a nice northerly route with an interesting lunch destination.

July 7-15 – Saturday-Sunday: Oktoberfest Tour to Pittsburg

July 27-28 – Friday-Saturday: Talimena Scenic Byway Tour

Friday night we’ll head out to Paris, TX and spend the night. On Saturday, we’ll tour the Talimena Scenic Byway in Oklahoma/Arkansas stopping along the way to enjoy the scenery. Lunch will be in Mena, AR. After a great day, we’ll head back to DFW.

August 18-19 – Saturday-Sunday: Austin Weekend Tour

Just to change things up, we’ll take a trip down to Austin, spend the afternoon and evening exploring our Capital City, potentially visit with the Tejas Chapter and then Sunday, we’ll find an interesting route back home with some additional stops along the way.

September 22 – Saturday: Texas Forts Trail Tour

Back by popular demand, we’ll take a tour along the Texas Forts Trail and explore some of our Texas history along the way. In 2016, we were able to visit 3 of the 12 Forts along the trail. For 2018, we’ll re-examine the route and hope the weather is as good as it was in 2016.

October 21-23 – Sunday-Tuesday: Eureka Springs Tour

For Fall colors, we’ll make a trip during the off-weekend time and return to Eureka Springs, enjoying the roads and the weather along the way.

November 18 – Sunday: East Texas Tour

The East Texas tour will take us toward Palestine and maybe the Tyler area, finding some interesting roads along the way. This tour will start in the early afternoon and arrive at a dinner destination before dark. Like 2017, we will work to end the tour close to an Interstate to make the return to DFW as quick as possible.

December 1 – Saturday: Toy Run

We will have our Annual Toy run on Dec 1st and head north/east/west toward an interesting restaurant destination.

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