2017 Driving Tours

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Generally, we have about 16 cars attending our tours as of June 2015.  We welcome all to join us.  With this many cars, we highly recommend purchasing a 40-channel CB radio (this is different than an FRS radio) to hear about road conditions and participate in group discussions (if this is your first time, this is not required to get a taste of the road).  Locally, a number of us have used Bonnie & Clyde’s off Harry Hines in Dallas.  The Midland radios have worked well and if you want to only receive announcements, the handheld version will work.

Please review the Touring Etiquette so we are all on the same page.

2017 Tour Update

We have worked hard to identify our 2017 tours.  Please put these on your calendar and let us know if you can join us:


1 – Sun – Hair of the Dog Tour (Ray)


11 – Sat – Mineola Tour (Ray)


3-5 – Fri-Sun – Weekend Tour to Fredericksburg (Ray)


15 – Sat – Cranfills Gap (Brian) (Easter Weekend)


27 – Sat – Let’s Eat Café (Brian)


3 – Sat – Cars and Coffee Tour (Brian)


8 – Sat – Cultural Tour to Waco (Ray)


5 – Sat – Muenster Tour to Horton’s Classic Car Museum ( Brian)

20 – Sun – East Texas (Ray)


20-25 – New Mexico Trip (Ray)


10/14 – Sat – Gimmick Rally (Brian)


11/11 – Sat – Fall Tour (Brian)


2 – Sat – Toy Run (Ray)

Hope to see you out with us.

Raymond Mimick (817-999-0078)
Brian George

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