2014-2011 Tour List and Maps


This page contains our organized 2014 tour lists (in reverse age order) and the maps we used for the tour group.  Road conditions may have changed or destinations may no longer be present (ie, restaurant has closed or changed hands).  Enjoy our past tours or look for some ideas for your future road travels.

5/31/2014: First Run to the Rockett Cafe!

Please join the Lone Star Chapter BMW CCA on Saturday, May 31, for our first run to the world famous Rockett Cafe for lunch! Enjoy a spirited drive and some of the biggest and best tasting chicken fried steaks in the world – check out their full menu at http://www.rockettcafe.com.

Drivers’ Meeting: 9:20 am (tanks full and bladders empty)

Depart: 9:30am from our favorite parking lot in Crandall, TX (Cotton Gin cafe, FM 148 exit off Hwy 175 – be forewarned – their kitchen burned several months ago so there is no access to toilets or breakfast but their parking lot is still in one piece!).

Mid-point ‘Nature Break’ in Kemp (please contact Marc Leediker for maps if you’d like to see the planned route).

Arrive at Rockett ~ 12:15pm for a hearty lunch.

Please RSVP asap (send an email to Marc) so we can get a head count for tables at the cafe. We should be back in the DFW area by 2 pm.

Marc & Rhonda Leediker, Tourmeisters

3/28/2014 – 3/30/2014: Fredericksburg

We’d like to gather in Cleburne in front of my favorite Home Depot at 9 am on March 28 for our Drivers’ Meeting with a timely departure at 9:15.  (email me if you need directions to HD in Cleburne)

We’ll be taking a circuitous tour thru Hico (for a bathroom break) to Goldthwaite where we’ll be stopping for lunch.

We should be arriving in F-burg by 3:30pm.  For those who are interested, we normally like to check in to the motel and quickly head east to the Becker Winery for a little wind-down/wine tasting  until they close at 5pm.  (Fridays are normally much quieter, ie, better service, than fighting the crowds on the weekends.)

For those who would like to join us for dinner, we’ll stroll over from the motel and go down Main Street (Hauptstrasse) to a German-theme restaurant for a reasonably early evening.

Saturday morning, those who want to partake of the Three Sisters will be departing at 7:15am with the goal of getting thru Kerrville before the Made in America Motorcycles begin their slow rumba thru the Hill Country.   First stop will be  Lost Maples State Park for a bathroom break so make sure your bladders are empty and tanks are full for our early Sat am departure.

From Vanderpool, we’ll head west and hit the first of the three Sisters to Leakey.   We’ll take a short break in Leakey (for those who need gas, etc) and then we’ll partake of all the Sisters we have time for before we head east on Hwy 41.   Hwy 41 isn’t the Autobahn, but for central Texas it is a high speed blast!  With 8′ game fences set well away from both sides of the pavement, it’s one of the few high speed highways I’ve found in this part of Texas that give you some peace of mind that a deer or exotic game animal isn’t going to wander into the road.

We like to add a little space between the cars and enjoy how stable these Munich wonders are at …..higher speeds.

We’ll be returning to F-burg about 3pm.

For those of you that would like a nice relaxing, spa-kind of morning instead, Rhonda is researching some of the nicer spas around F-burg.  We’ll be sending that info out shortly and there is no shortage of antique stores and “interesting shopping” in Fredericksburg!

We are talking to some of the nicer restaurants in the area for dinner Saturday night.  More to follow as we finalize options.

We’ll be departing F-burg about 9:30am for a fun, but more direct return to DFW on Sunday morning.

Pls let us know if you have any questions!

Marc and Rhonda Leediker

the Tourmeisters

12/1/2013: The Ultimate Toy Drive

North Texas Bimmers Club (NTBC) is hosting their first Toy drive for the holiday season. The Lone Star Chapter BMW CCA and DFWeuros are teaming up with NTBC for the benefit of the Children’s Advocacy Center in Dallas.

We ask all people who want to attend this event to bring one toy to get in. Click on the link below for this year’s wish list from the kids:


Hope to see you all there!

4/2013: Drive to Tyler through Edom

Mesquite to Edom and then to Tyler


3/2013: Crandall to Davey Dogwood Park

Goal was to see the Dogwoods in Palestine, TX, starting from Crandall, TX.

11/10/2012: Driving Tour – Breakfast at Mary’s

Breakfast at Mary’s on the Brazos in Tin Top, Texas, at 9 am with a circuitous route back to DFW by 1 pm Saturday afternoon.

For more information on tours, please contact The Tourmeister at marc3509@sbcglobal.net or 214-354-9505.

10/4/2012: Driving Tour – Fall Colors

Fall Colors drive in Oklahoma and Arkansas. We’ll be gathering in Hugo on Thursday evening for a wine and cheese reception at the Best Western motel. (Our previous favorite motel has been sold and it appears their collection of Bentleys, Jaguars, and other British cars is no longer open to the public…..) On Friday, we will head in a northerly direction across the scenic byways of northeastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas with an arrival in Eureka Springs by 5 pm. Saturday morning will feature a spirited drive around some of the most incredible roads Open to the Public, a scenic destination for lunch and a nice German meal at a local Eureka Springs restuarant for dinner. (Some of our significant others may decide to ‘spa and shop’ on Saturday vs our spirited drive.) We will return to the DFW area by 7 pm Sunday with many banking employees having Monday off for Columbus Day for a recovery period.

RSVP – Marc Leediker – marc3509@sbcglobal.net

9/8/2012: Driving Tour – Meunster Run

Muenster Run! German cars and German food for lunch! Will be departing from ‘north of McKinney’ at 9 am, arriving Muenster about 11:30 am, returning to DFW area by 3 pm

8/11/2012: Driving Tour – Steak Night at Kitchen’s

Steak night at Kitchen’s Hardware in Mineola – always a hit! Where else can you fill your honey-do list of tools and stuff you need to work around the house with some tasty, fork-tender, grain-fed beef?? Departing the metroplex at 2 pm (departure point to be announced later), dinner at 5:30 pm, return to DFW area by 9 pm. (RSVP for seating required!!!)

7/14/2012: Breakfast Driving Tour – Crandall Cotton Gin

This will be a 1/2 day tour starting with Breakfast at the Cotton Gin in Crandall, Texas at 8 am with wheels rolling by 9 am and a return to the DFW area by 1 pm that afternoon. Highlights of this tour will include some beatiful East Texas hills, quite a few twisty miles on beautiful Farm to Market roads, and a stop at an “Artists’ Community” for socializing, shopping, and lunch for those so inclined before returning to DFW area by 1 pm.

6/6/2012: Driving Tour to Toas, New Mexico

Some of us will be hiking in the canyon, some will be driving on to Amarillo where we will be staying at the Best Western – Medical Center. The one night rate is $82.80 and I’ve reserved 10 non-smoking rooms with kingsize beds.

The motel number is 1-806-358-7861. Please call them directly to reserve your room. Just mention that you’re touring with the Lone Star Chapter of BMW CCA.

For those of you who can’t leave early Thursday for the scenic route, please join us later in the day in Amarillo. It’s about a 5 1/2 hour drive from DFW up Hwy 287 to Amarillo – not too scenic, but it will get you to Amarillo.

Friday morning – we’ll head westward on I-40 (which parallels sections of the original Route 66) into New Mexico. For those of you who wish to take some pictures or just visit Cadillac Ranch, we’ll be driving right past it, but plan on leaving the hotel a few minutes before us so you can re-join the tour group after your sight seeing stop at this most unusual bit of west Texas “artwork”.

We’ll be arriving at the Kachina Lodge at the Best Western Motel in Taos around 3 pm Friday afternoon.

The address is
Best Western
413 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte
Taos, NM 87571-2275
(575) 758-2275 (toll free 1-800-522-4462)

The 10 rooms reserved are non-smoking with kingsize beds and are priced at $101.86 per night, including tax.

Please call Cheryl at Kachina Lodge before June 15 to reserve your room and save yourself about 10% off their normal rate (and mention that you’re with LSC BMW CCA).

Saturday morning will focus on a quick stop at the Rio Grande bridge north of Taos with a fast paced tour of the rolling mountain ranges west of Taos following that sight seeing stop. We’ll start early – about 7:30am – and be back at the motel by 1 pm, Saturday afternoon. Taos is a mecca for rejuvenating spas for those not interested in a rapid trip around northern New Mexico. We’ll be forwarding more spa info in the next few days.

For those interested in some river rafting, we had a great time rafting on the Rio Grande on our last trip and I will see what kind of afternoon trips are available (and the afternoon temperature should be warm enough to get wet by then too!).

(Taos is at a much higher elevation than Dallas, so please check to see if elevation issues might cause you any personal discomfort.)

Sunday morning departure will take us on a portion of the Enchanted Circle of beautiful mountain roads east of Taos over through Cimarron for a return to the DFW area past historic Philmont Scout Ranch and the grasslands of eastern New Mexico. We’ll be departing about 8 am with a projected return to DFW of 8 pm, July 3rd.

(For those of you who wish to stay an extra day in Taos, please discuss that with Cheryl at the motel and let me know what your plans are.)

That leaves Monday, July 4th, for everyone to recuperate and enjoy some wonderful fireworks as we celebrate our nation’s birthday!

We hope you can join us!

Marc and Rhonda Leediker

3/23/2012-3/25/2012: Spring Tour to the Hill Country!

To all,
In working with the hotels in Fredericksburg, it looks like March 23 – 25 (the first weekend of Spring!) is the best weekend for us to tour the Hill Country.

Depart: Friday, March 23, Applebee’s parking lot, Hwy 67, Cleburne 9 am
Return: Sunday, March 25

Hotel: Fredericksburg Inn on Baron Creek (reg cost $149 a night – tour group’s discount rate $129 a night) There are limited king bed rooms available so if your preference is for one kingsized bed vs two queen beds, please make your reservations soon! The Inn’s number is 1-830-997-0202.

The Plan: We’ll have a relatively rapid pace down on Friday, arriving in Fredericksburg at 3 pm. The lead car (me, the rabbit) will be moving 70-80 mph range- if you’d like a faster pace, plan on driving further back in the pack and ….. catching up from time to time on the wonderful roads we’ll be driving on! (As always, if you’re not familiar with our Touring Etiquette, please see the attached document.)

We’ll make reservations for a group dinner Friday night about 6 pm at a Main Street restaurant that we can walk to with a little shopping along the way for those interested in supporting the local merchants…..

Saturday morning: A faster paced 1/2 day drive departing Fredericksburg at 7:30 am, returning about 2 pm, stopping in Leakey for a snack/nature break at the midpoint of the drive. This loop that will take us southwesterly for about 200 miles. Please have a full tank and empty bladder when we depart! For those who would like to shop that morning, take a spa, or just enjoy the same loop drive at a slower pace, maps will be emailed out to all tour participants about a week before we depart.

Saturday afternoon: If the wildflowers are blooming, we’ll have a 90 min much-slower-paced loop to the northeast of town, leaving about 3 pm returning by 5 pm for a 7 pm dinner reservation.

Sunday morning: Leisure breakfast with a 10 am departure time, arriving back in DFW area by 3 pm.

Please let us know by email when you make your hotel reservations so we can plan the meals accordingly!

With the rains Texas has been receiving over the past few weeks, we’re hoping for a beautifully scenic weekend! We hope you can join us!

Marc and Rhonda Leediker
the Tourmeisters

RSVP to marc3509@sbcglobal.net

1/14/2012: Saturday Night Steak Special at Kitchen’s Hardware

The Tourmeister, Marc L sez……

What, you say? Steak at a Hardware Store?? Yes! My hometown has just such an event that occurs every Saturday night. We’ll leave about mid-afternoon and take a scenic tour through East Texas that will be just long enough to stoke some alimentary rumblings. We’ll dine a bit early which will leave us plenty of time to return to the DFW area before Bambi and his buds start their nocturnal activities along the FM roads in East Texas!

When: January 14th, 2012
Departure: 2 pm Cotton Gin Restaurant, Crandall, Texas
Dinner: Kitchens’ Hardware, Mineola, Texas, 5:30 pm

Return: About 8:30 pm Saturday night….

RSVP needed so we can have plenty of seats at the party table! Please let me know by January 10th how many will be in your party so we can make the appropriate number of reservations!

See you on the back roads!

Marc the Tourmeister

10/1/2011: It’s time to take a TOUR!

We’ll leave Classic BMW’s Cars and Coffee event at 10 am and work our way northward and westward where we will wind up in lovely, downtown Watauga, Texas, where we will be dining at the Chef’s Point Cafe.

Sample specials for this week at Chef’s Point Cafe:

Weekly Specials Sept. 12, 2011

Here are the specials for week of 9/12/2011.
Duck Breast Appetizer
Better Than Sex Fried Chicken
Chicken Fried Steak
Chicken & Waffles
Hawaiian Chicken or Salmon
Fish Tacos
Meat Loaf

Given the fact this incredible gastronomic delight is located in a gas station (as in a ‘place that sells gasoline’ not a site for gastrointestinal distress), I think it will be a great place for our touring newcomers to wind down after a spirited drive across some of the finer back roads of North Texas.

And for you hearty souls that will drive over from Ft Worth to leave from Classic BMW with us, the termination of the tour is just north of Ft Worth, so you will have a short drive home!

For those of you who’ve always wanted to try a tour with us, this half day event will give you a good ‘taste’ of what touring with the Lone Star Chapter of BMW CCA is all about!

7/2/2011: Cars and Coffee

4/1/2011 – 4/3/2011: Bluebonnet tour in Fredericksburg

Departing Cleburne at 10 am, Friday 1st, with a wine tasting event when we arrive in Fredericksburg that afternoon.

contact the Tour Meister – Marc Leediker for details at marc3509@sbcglobal.net

3/12/2011: Driving Tour – Visit Zur Autobahn

We’ll be departing from Cleburne (Applebee’s parking lot in front of Home Depot on Hwy 67) at 9:30 am and arriving at Zur Autobahn about 11:30 am.

Since our host and hostess, the Sedlmaiers, typically cook everything fresh when you order it, lunches can be rather long events. We would like to plan on a 45min – to one hour lunch by pre-ordering as many lunches as we can. To that end, Kornelia Sedlmaier, the chef, recommends:

Usually, large groups order the different styles of Schnitzel (Jaegerschnitzel, Zigeuner or Wiener Schnitzel) with fried Potatoes and red cabbage or Bratwurst with fried Potatoes or potato Salad and sauerkraut. (plus save room for dessert!)

If none of these choices appeal to you, please visit Zur Autobahn’s website and pre-select something more to your taste from their on-line menu.

In any case, pls rsvp to me by March Leediker ( marc3509@sbcglobal.net) so that we can make things easy on our hosts and not spend an inordinate amount of time stationary when we should be moving!

It looks like the weather will be cooperating to give us some fun, fast dry roads to enjoy!


Marc and Rhonda, the Tourmeisters

2/12/2011: Driving Tour – Afternoon Tour

We’re planning a full year of touring for 2011! We’ll alternate between ‘sight seeing tours’ and higher speed ‘driving tours’ depending upon distance to travel and whether or not there’s much to see on the way.

On Saturday, Feb 5th, we’d like to meet at Classic BMW’s Cars and Coffee, see the sights and then depart at 10 am for a drive up to a fun place (yet to be determined) for lunch. Plan on being home by 2:30 pm.

(this drive will be a faster paced ‘driving tour’ and would be an excellent 1/2 day event for those of you who want to try a drive but don’t want to commit to 3 or 4 days on the road)

The Cars and Coffee event starts at 8 am, so pls plan to come a bit early, take in the sights and sounds of some truly remarkable cars, and be ready to depart at 10 am for some fun on north Texas roads!

Hot Springs

10/30/2019: Not sure of the date of this Hot Springs Tour (maybe 2011), but this is one of my (Raymond Mimick) first tours. Started from Crandall, TX