BMW AutoX School February 23rd!

Sat, Feb 23, 2013
Autocross/Solo II

BMW Novice AutoX School
Spaces Are Limited!!!!! 15 Students per class!!!!!

Cost: $55

Registration ends Friday, February 22nd, but this event will be full by then!

Registration Link:

Lone Star Chapter’s BMWCCA Beginner/Intermediate AutoX School is Saturday, February 23rd at the Mineral Wells Airport.

This course is geared towards the Novice Autocrosser. Learning the proper techniques early will be of huge benefit, and will help students advance much quicker in the sport.

Registration will be limited tofifteen  students. With a low Instructor-Student ratio, each student will have a lot of one on one instruction. Students will definitely learn a lot, and taking notes is highly encouraged.

The instructors will ride throughout the day with the students, encouraging proper techniques, and helping them improve their lap times.

The morning session will include proper seating position, hand position, acceleration/braking, and learning to navigate properly through an AutoX course. During the afternoon session, students will learn how to read a course quicker, helping lap times drop faster. Students will have many, many laps during the day, and improvements will be evident in their recorded lap times. Students will be a much faster driver after only one day of instruction!

BMW has also secured special hotel rates at the Days Inn and Suites. This is the newest, and nicest hotel in Mineral Wells. The nightly rate is $72.95, and sharing a room for $36.50 per person is very economical. Their number is (940) 468-2727, and be sure to mention Lone Star BMW when you register.

Please feel free to email me with any questions, and I have also included a small FAQ below.


Our first event is the following Saturday, March 2nd at the Mineral Wells Airport!!!!!

Q: I’m totally new to this. How will I know what to do?
A: During our school, you will have an instructor in the car to answer any question, and to provide feedback.

Q: Do I need a specially prepared race car?
A: No, your normal street car is fine, as long as you have clean brake fluid, good brake pads, and decent street tires. Racing tires are not used at this school.

Q: Do I need a helmet?
A: Yes, helmets are required. Please make sure you have made arrangements for a helmet, in case you don’t own one already.

Q: Where is the class held?
A: This class is held at the Mineral Wells Airport, in Mineral Wells TX.

Q: Is it safe?
A: Yes, we follow strict guidelines to ensure you have the safest experience possible while learning to drive your car at its limits.

Q: How long is the class?
A: Plan on a full day. We will start at 8am and finish around 5pm.
Mineral Wells Airpark – 5300 Airport Road, Mineral Wells, TX, 76067

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