November tour to Mineola (Kitchen’s Hardware)

To all: Please see the list of 17 rsvp’s we have for our November tour to Mineola (Kitchen’s Hardware) for steaks.

We have plenty of room if you would like to invite any friends or guests to join us!   (One change of plans – Kitchens has requested that we arrive around 5 pm to be seated and served together.)

The Plan:
Gather in Crandall at the Cotton Gin at 1:30 pm for a Drivers’ Meeting and a 1:45 pm departure
(Standard touring protocol – full tanks and empty bladders!)

Stop in Edom for shopping/leg stretching/nature calls, etc   3:30-4:15 pm

Arrive in Mineola                            5 pm

Depart Mineola                               6:45 pm

Return to DFW                                8-8:30 pm

Marc and Rhonda Leediker
the Tourmeisters

Marc and Rhonda Leediker      2
Joe and Gay Sullivan          2
Michael and Joy Nied          2
Bill Barden                   1
John and Debbie Eveland       2
Leo and Marian Newland        2
Jim Doutre                    1
Kevin Cline and Hope Dana     2
Ken Bone                      1
JO & Jyl Miller               2
17 rsvp’s to date

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