We’d like to share with everyone our upcoming Tour schedule.

Feb 22
1/2 day tour to Whitewright (CJ’s Café)
We’ll be departing McKinney at 9 am for an early lunch at CJ’s with a circuitous route back to DFW.

March 21-23          
Fast driving lessons at COTA!!  I won’t be attending this one but it’s a good warm-up/training event for those of you who would like to join us the next weekend for……

March 28-30
Tour of the Texas Hill country!!  Always great roads and we may even see some wildflowers! For sure, the ladies can do a Sat morning spa and shopping is plentiful in Fredericksburg.

April 28-30          
Mid-America in Eureka Springs, AR.  This is geared to 2002’s and other BMW classics. If you’ve got an ‘oldie but goodie’, consider tuning it up and joining us! More info on this one as I receive it!

May 31
1/2 day event that should wind up in Rocket, Texas, for some good steaks!

As always, the sooner you can rsvp to us for head counts, the better the logistics will be!

Marc and Rhonda Leediker
the Tourmeisters


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