Saturday, May 31, for our first run to the Rockett Cafe for lunch!

Pls check your calendars and join us Saturday, May 31, for our first run to the Rockett Cafe for lunch!  (Google Rockett Cafe for their menu -lots of steaks, chicken fried or grilled, sandwiches, etc)

Drivers’ Meeting:  9:20 am (tanks full and bladders empty)

Depart:  9:30 am  from my favorite parking lot in Crandall (Cotton Gin cafe, FM 148 exit off Hwy 175 – be forewarned – their kitchen burned several months ago so there is no access to toilets or breakfast but their parking lot is still in one piece!)

Mid-point ‘Nature Break’ in Kemp (pls print out attached maps if you’d like to see our planned route)

Arrive in Rockett ~ 12:15pm for a hearty lunch

Pls rsvp to us asap so we can get a head count for tables at the cafe!  We should be back in the DFW area by 2 pm.

Marc & Rhonda Leediker
the Tourmeisters

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