New Tour dates add!

NEW: March 7th: Cars & Coffee and Springfest Tour to East Texas; Burger Company in Mineola for lunch (Marc is leading this half-day trip from Classic BMW, starting about 9a).  If you can join us, please drop a line to Marc Leediker at

NEW: Saturday, April 4th (Easter weekend): Half-day trip to Cranfills Gap, Texas for a visit to the Old Rock Church (St. Olaf’s Lutheran Rock Church). Built in 1886, it is a beautiful building which is very well preserved.  To get there, the drive will begin in Cedar Hill (9am back parking lot of Cedar Hill Library at 225 Cedar Street, Cedar Hill, TX 75104) and pass through 150 miles of fantastic roads with lots of great vistas, panoramic country-sides, and twisty roads. The mid-point will be Glen Rose where the tour will take a quick break for gas. In addition to Glen Rose, the tour will pass through or near Cleburne State Park, Dinosaur Valley State Park, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, and Iredell. Lunch will be at the Horny Toad Bar and Grill in Cranfills Gap (  Brian George is organizing the routes but let Raymond Mimick know if you will join us on this trip.

NEW: April 25th: Germanfest celebration in Muenster.  Marc is leading this day/half-day tour group up to enjoy the celebration.  Please let Marc know if you will join this trip.

NEW: Sat, May 23th (Memorial Day weekend): Tour to Let’s Eat Cafe in Bluffdale (Full day drive with dinner).  Great times are had on this trip.  Marc is leading this day trip and please let Marc know if you can join us on this adventure.

To see all the Tour dates visit:

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