Tour Update

August 29th: First annual Gimmick Rally will occur but we need at minimum of 10 cars (with a driver and navigator). The Fun Run gimmick Rally is sponsored by the Lone Star Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America (LSC BMW CCA). A gimmick rally is essentially a scavenger hunt where a driver and navigator must find their way to an unknown destination using clues along the way to guide them. The route is pre-defined and handed out at the beginning of the event. Along the route, there are clues to decipher in order to “win” the rally.

The Fun Run Gimmick Rally is a self-paced, non-timed, street legal gimmick rally. The organizers of the event have covered thousands of miles choosing the route, selecting the gimmicks, and ensuring that fun will be had for drivers of all types. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

How can I participate in the fun? To participate, the driver must be a member of the BMW CCA and must pre-register. The minimum team consists of two people: a driver and a navigator. Simply email Brian George at the names of your driver and navigator plus any other ride-along participants.

How does this differ from one of the tours that the club does? No leader, minimum of two people in each car, goal is to find the gimmicks along the pre-scribed route.

WHO: You and a navigator (if you are only 1 person, please tell Brian and we can look at teaming people up)
WHEN: 9:00 am August 29, 2015
WHERE: Reverchon Park in Downtown Dallas (3505 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX)
DISTANCE: 250 miles (will take us out of town)

NOTE: As of 8/18/2015, we have only received RSVPs from about 4 people that are willing to participate.  We will need to get close to 10 cars (20 people) in order to make a go of this.  If we have less than the 20 people, we will turn this into a tour event for 8/29/2015.

September 12th: Half-day tour from Lone Star Park. Come early to see the Auto Cross Group do some runs.  We will leave Lone Star Park about 1 p.m. and head down to the Loco Coyote Grill (1795 County Road 1004, Glen Rose, TX 76043) (web site:  Preliminary maps are here.  Please let Ray and Brian know you will be attending the trip.

New: Sun, Oct 11-Tues, Oct 13: Fall tour to Eureka Springs.  Working on hotel options now but it looks like the a Sunday – Tues event will open up all kinds of hotels (weekends are booked solid for most hotels) and give us open roads to enjoy during our stay on Monday.  Our last trip in 2012, we stopped at the Crystal Bridges Museum ( in Bentonville, AR and we will add this to our route planning.  Please let Ray and Brian know if you will be attending this trip.

Marc (214-354-9505) and Rhonda Leediker,
the Tourmeisters

Raymond Mimick (817-999-0078)

Brian George

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