Rally Estimated Schedule from Brian

From Brian George:

I am expecting the average team to take about 5.5 hours to complete the course. This is based upon 2 trial runs that have taken place stopping for all gimmicks and driving the speed limit. The driving pace will make the biggest difference on when teams complete. There will be plenty of opportunity for spirited driving if the driver so chooses. So here is my anticipated timeline for the event.

8:30 am  Driver’s Meeting and Instructions
8:45 am  First team leaves
9:00 am  Last team leaves
11:15 am  Teams begin to arrive at mid-rally checkpoint
2:30 pm  Teams begin to arrive at restaurant
4:00 pm  Late lunch and socializing concludes – teams return to DFW
5:15 pm  Teams arrive in DFW (McKinney)

This is my anticipated schedule. However, it really all depends upon the speed of the teams during the rally. If we have a team that goes slow and circles back several times to find gimmicks, it will take longer.

We are still open for more participants, if you want to join, please email Brian George (see Driving Tours page for link to his email address)

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