Q1-2016 DBR Newsletter is ready!

We have complete our First Quarter 2016 newsletter.

Q1-2016 Cover

Nerces has joined the editing team.  We’d love to get more articles in the newsletter and you can help by sending your articles to Nerces.

Next quarter, we are looking for articles about:

  • Insurance information about your cars (suggested talking to a Liberty Mutual insurance guy locally to cover what a CCA member gets differently)
    • Multiple cars, pleasure vehicles, discounts, (non-daily driver)
  • Tours:
    • Review of Fredericksburg and 2 1/2-day tours (any one want to write up their perspective of the trip?)
    • Maybe this is the main feature;
    • Club Racing
    • What is covered in an HPDE event.
    • History of Trifecta
    • Why do this? It’s fun… (do you have a story to tell?  Share it with us)
    • COTA history/why so important?
  • Auto Cross
    • What is it, how is it scored, what’s the competition?
    • How is it run
    • The competition: maybe take 3-4 people and follow them through the season
  • 100 year BMW anniversary
    • History
    • US history part
    • Any trips you took to a BMW national event – share them.
  • 2002 event from: March 19

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