2017 Elections and By-Law Votes

2017 Elections

It is time for our annual elections and we have a lot going on this year to consider and vote on. Our voting will take place for the five Board positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Member At Large. In addition we have 2 proposed changes to the bylaws for the club.

The election begins today and will conclude on Wednesday, January 25th. To vote, you will need your member number and last name to access your ballot. To learn more about the members who have volunteered for each of the positions, see the voting guide included in this email.

To access the voting website, go to https://vote.associationvoting.com/lscbmwcca/ and login with your member number and last name.

President – 1 Candidate
Name: Raymond Mimick
City of Residence: Coppell
Member Since: 2008
Message to Members: Thank you for considering me to be president of our local BMW Chapter.  I am a resident of Coppell since 2006 and a member since June of 2008.  After my first Auto Cross, I loved the group and the car so much that I tried out the touring to Hot Springs with a group of unknown people.  That was a great experience and I hope you have had similar experiences.  As president, I want to reach out and get more members active in different activities and keep our local chapter participating in Auto Cross, Touring, High Performance Driver’s Education and track days along with restarting our Tech Days with local repair shops.  There are a lot of great people out there willing to share their knowledge and love of cars, and I believe I can bring us together in new and old ways with your help.

Vice President – 1 Candidate
Name: Ben Qureshi
City of Residence: Colleyville
Member Since: 2002
Message to Members: My name is Ben Qureshi.  I was born and raised in Dallas and am currently a resident of Colleyville.  I have been a member of the BMWCCA since 2002 and am running for Vice President of the Lone Star Chapter. During my time with the club, I have been an active participant in many of the activities such as:
• Autocross: Committee member for the last 3 years and responsible for technology and safety
• HPDE: Participant for the last 10 years where I try to do 1-2 events per year (wish I had the time and $$ to do more!)
• Street Survival: I am a huge fan of this program and have been an instructor for the last 3 years.
• Tours: Regular participant in both local and long-distance tours
While participating in these activities, I have always taken the opportunity to get to know other club members and find this to be one of the major benefits of membership.  I realize that not every activity appeals to all members, but hopefully we can continue to offer activities that appeal to the various types of members.  As Vice President, I hope to leverage my background in sales and relationship management, as well as technology and consulting to assist the chapter in increasing membership and participation.

Treasurer – 1 Candidate
Name: Matt Dashiell (Incumbent)
City of Residence: Lewisville
Member Since: 2000
Message to Members: I have been the Lone Star Chapter Treasurer since August 2012 and would like to continue on in that capacity.  During my tenure, I’ve worked to restore Lone Star’s 501(c) status with the Federal government and the State of Texas by completing 10 years of back taxes and annual P&L statements.  I’ve worked with the National CCA office to get up to date on all reporting and recordkeeping and I’ve actively managed our income and expenses to insure a much more robust financial position for the chapter than where we were in 2012.  Our chapter’s financial future looks bright and I’d like to continue to do my part in keeping us on a sound financial footing.

Secretary – 1 Candidate
Name: Brian George (Incumbent)
City of Residence: Van Alstyne
Member Since: 2010
Message to Members: I have been the Lone Star Secretary since June 2016 and would like to continue to serve in this position. I work each month to provide the email communications to the membership to keep everyone informed of the news and happenings for the club. In addition, I work to keep the National and Facebook calendars up-to-date with all of our events. As a member, I enjoy the camaraderie of the club as I participate in driving tours, auto cross, street survival, and happy hours.

Member at Large – 3 Candidates
Name: Andrew Solis III
City of Residence: Dallas
Member Since: 2016
Message to Members: My name is Andrew Solis III and I have been a member of the BMWCCA since 2016. I am born and raised in Dallas, TX & currently work for BMW of Dallas as the Assistant Service Manager. I have been with the BMW brand for almost 6 years now and plan on moving to BMW of North America when the time is right. I believe I would be great candidate for the Officer At Large position due to my attention to detail and love of meeting new people & creating new relationships that turn in to bonds. I am very outgoing and love the BMW product. I have an i3 and a E34 540i, with plans of adding the F80 M3 to the collection.

Name: Scott Schumacher
City of Residence: Allen
Member Since: 2014
Message to Members: Serving on the board as Member at Large I feel as if I would enjoy with true BMW enthusiasm. I am seeking your vote for this position since I am an active member within the chapter since moving to the area last summer. Serving as the Member at Large I feel that I can provide valuable service to the member both new and long term. Being new to this area of Texas and new to the chapter, but a long-time BMW owner I would do my best to help serve the membership to help members get the most out of their chapter in the best way that I can. I have many strengths that I can bring into the board from knowledge of the cars, collecting, shows and events as well as organization and looking for ways to help the chapter grow stronger with members that are happy with the chapter. I enjoy the driving tours, looking forward to Oktoberfest as well as the Holiday party and socializing at the happy hour events and board meetings that I attend currently. Allowing me to serve the membership of the chapter, will allow me to bring my experience and passion for BMW forward into the board and allow me to work with current and new members to truly make the Lone Star chapter the best in Texas.

Name: Shawn Diggs
City of Residence: Irving
Member Since: 2013
Message to Members: Although my time is limited by my work schedule, this allows me some interaction with the Lone Star chapter at a small capacity outside of the drive tours. This position will also give me the chance to represent the views and voice of the members at the Board meetings. I do enjoy sharing and learning BMW knowledge with others that are a part of the BMW CCA community.

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