Track Day this weekend, Registration closes May 1st

Track Day This Weekend

I always look forward to our HPDE events as it gives me the chance to drive my ’09 M3 they way it was meant to be driven.  I’m not trying to be a club racer, but I enjoy the thrill and the challenge of controlling my car at high speeds.  To me, it’s similar to golf, in that it’s just you, the car, and the track.

I’ve been doing track events for 10 yrs, but I like to run in Intermediate to take advantage of one of the greatest benefits of our HPDE events and that is the educational aspect of it.  Our instructors provide coaching to help you learn and refine your skills as you progress in your abilities.  While some may refer to our event as a track day, technically, it is a High Performance Driver’s EDUCATION event and we’re all here to learn, regardless of level.

So, there’s one more day to register (Registration Closes May 1st) and about a week to get your car prepped for the event!   What’s holding you back?

Ben Qureshi
VP, Lone Star Chapter

Signup now at (click here)

Novice Students and approved Intermediate Level Students: $299 for May 5th & 6th

Advanced and Advanced+ Solo Students: $259.00 for May 5th and 6th.

Club Racers (you know who you are): $350 for May 4th-May 6th. (3 days for $350!)

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