Gimmick Rally 2020 General Instructions


The Gimmick Rally for 2020 is designed to take you through some of the country side and then lead you back into town.  You will travel through some small cities looking for clues along the way.  The clues given could be riddles or things you can find along the road side (permanent or semi-permanent, but no election signs or yard sales signs).  Some places you will need to get out of your vehicle to search out the answers.  There will be plenty of places to stop along the way to have a break.  The route will avoid all but one small section of Interstate so be patient as you travel the route – there will be people and there will be stop lights.

The route will be obvious and hopefully clear in the instructions – we are not trying to get you lost and there are no “tricks” to get you off the route.

This year’s rally will have a few more general rules – there will be a time limit to the event (1:00p-5:30p) but the end time will be based on the first car’s arrival.  Due to the time of the year, the sun may set in your eyes as you are looking for clues.  The overall route is about 125 miles and Google estimates a drive time of 2 hours and 32 minutes outside of finding the Gimmicks.  For every 10 minutes past the 4.5 hours (or after the first arrival), you will lose 1 successful gimmick from your score, maximum penalty of 5.  Teams will leave in 1 minute intervals.


Each vehicle requires a driver and a navigator.  There are parts of the route that have people walking across the road and the driver must be aware at all times.

Gimmick Rally Map Icon  Indicates routing instructions.  Follow all of these symbols accurately to remain on the appropriate route.

Gimmick Treasure  Indicates a gimmick or scavenger hunt item.  This will be placed between routing instructions in the order in which they can be found.  Gimmicks, with this symbol by itself, will be found along the driving route.  Each Gimmick is worth 1 point.  Only the first instance of an answer should be used as the final single answer.

Questions that pertain to gimmick in the same location will only have one gimmick symbol.

Gimmick TreasureGimmick Car Indicates a gimmick or scavenger hunt item that only be found by wandering slightly off-route.  For example, you:

  • May be required to follow signs to a nearby attraction or designated stop
  • May need to enter a park and look for a clue
  • May need to drive around a small town looking for a building or a sign

There can be up-to 2 check points along the route.  The check point arrival times will used to break any ties.

In the event that you need to get in touch with the organizer, please call 817-999-0078.

Camera = Tourist attractions/highlights

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