Track Day this weekend, Registration closes May 1st

Track Day This Weekend

I always look forward to our HPDE events as it gives me the chance to drive my ’09 M3 they way it was meant to be driven.  I’m not trying to be a club racer, but I enjoy the thrill and the challenge of controlling my car at high speeds.  To me, it’s similar to golf, in that it’s just you, the car, and the track.

I’ve been doing track events for 10 yrs, but I like to run in Intermediate to take advantage of one of the greatest benefits of our HPDE events and that is the educational aspect of it.  Our instructors provide coaching to help you learn and refine your skills as you progress in your abilities.  While some may refer to our event as a track day, technically, it is a High Performance Driver’s EDUCATION event and we’re all here to learn, regardless of level.

So, there’s one more day to register (Registration Closes May 1st) and about a week to get your car prepped for the event!   What’s holding you back?

Ben Qureshi
VP, Lone Star Chapter

Signup now at (click here)

Novice Students and approved Intermediate Level Students: $299 for May 5th & 6th

Advanced and Advanced+ Solo Students: $259.00 for May 5th and 6th.

Club Racers (you know who you are): $350 for May 4th-May 6th. (3 days for $350!)

Spring HPDE, Sponsored by Autobahn BMW May 4th-6th


The 2018 schedule has been published and we have Autobahn joining us in May to pro-vide a special event for their customers on Friday, May 4th. Our first High Performance Driver’s Education AND Club Race weekend is the May 4th-May 6th, 2018. Are you ready to jump onto the track and see how your car handles? Signup now at (click here)

Novice Students and approved Intermediate Level Students: $299 for May 5th & 6th

Advanced and Advanced+ Solo Students: $259.00 for May 5th and 6th.

Club Racers (you know who you are): $350 for May 4th-May 6th. (3 days for $350!)

Space is filling up quickly.  Signup now.  The weather will be perfect (right?).

Fredericksburg 2018 and Gimmick Rally

Fun Run Gimmick Rally
WHO: You and a navigator
WHEN: Saturday, February 17, 2018 @ 9:00 am, weather permitting
WHERE: White Rock Lake Park (Off of E. Lawther Dr.)

100+ Miles
One Day
In-Town Tourist Adventure
Amazing Sites and Destinations

What is the Fun Run Gimmick Rally? The Fun Run gimmick Rally is sponsored by the Lone Star Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America (LSC BMW CCA). A gimmick rally is essentially a scavenger hunt where a driver and navigator must find their way to an unknown destination using clues along the way to guide them. The route is pre-defined and handed out at the beginning of the event. Along the route, there are clues to decipher in order to “win” the rally.

The Fun Run Gimmick Rally is a self-paced, non-timed, street legal gimmick rally. The organizers of the event have covered hundreds of miles choosing the route, selecting the gimmicks, and ensuring that fun will be had for drivers of all types. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

How can I participate in the fun? To participate, the driver must be a member of the BMW CCA and must pre-register. The minimum team consists of two people: a driver and a navigator. Simply email Raymond Mimick at the names of your driver and navigator plus any other ride-along participants.

How does this differ from one of the tours that the club does? No leader, minimum of two people in each car, goal is to find the gimmicks along the pre-scribed route.


When: Friday, March 2rd, 2018 to Sunday, March 4th, 2018
Where: Fredricksburg and the twisted sister roads
Departure point: Home Depot in Cleburne, 10am (trying to avoid rush hour Friday traffic)

We will be using the Sunday House Inn again this year for our hotel.  We have reserved 12 rooms (2 Double or 1 King Bed) at 139.95/night for the King and 139.95/night for the 2-Doubles (Judy has stated we can have more than 12, depending on room availability).  Rooms will remain available at this rate until February 25, 2018.  Please call Judy at 830-997-4484 to reserve your room.  Our rooms are reserved under the Lone Star BMW.  We have been able to get ahead of Spring Break with these dates and that is the current plan for this year.  We will probably still miss out on the Blue Bonnets but you never know with Texas.

General Plan:
Day 1 (Fri): Utilizing our past tour’s routes, we’ll have a quick trip down to Fredericksburg arriving about 4pm.  Pit-stop schedules: Cleburne to Hico, Hico to lunch at El Tapatio in Goldthwaite.  Goldthwaite to Llano.  Llano to Fredericksburg.  Hotel Check in, Wine Tasting tour if desired and then dinner at our favorite German restaurant, Auslander.

Day 2 (Sat): Starting about 8:00a, we’ll head down to Kerrville and Leaky and hit all 3 twisted sister roads and a few extras thrown in.  We’ll have lunch as a group in Leaky or Utopia and then we’ll return to the hotel about 4:00p.  Dinner plans are still being determined

Day 3 (Sun): Return trip to DFW (10a) following some twisty roads home and stop in Hico and try out The Chop House.

Please let me know when you make your reservations and we’ll get a list together for everyone.

For more information or to register, email Raymond Mimick at!

LSC BMWCCA Go Kart Racing and 2017 Autocross Awards

Go Kart Racing and 2017 Autocross Awards

A reminder that there are still openings. Come and join us for a fun event with indoor Go Kart racing and celebration of the 2017 Autocross award winners.

The awards ceremony will take place after the go kart races and lunch is provided during the event.

Saturday 3rd of February
11:15 am – 1:30 pm

The cost is $35.
A terrific value with 2-3 races, including lunch.


Pole Position Raceway
10550 John W. Elliott Drive
Frisco, TX 75033

Closed Toe Shoes required.
Helmets are available or bring your own (visor required).

Hope to see you there,

Franco Maras
Lone Star BMWCCA
Autocross Chair

Tour Update for Waco Trip

This weekend (July 8th), we have a day trip to Waco.  Here is the link to our maps for the trip and some ideas for our time in Waco.  The trip is pretty direct but much nicer/relaxing than driving the Interstates down to Waco and is geared toward a family-friend outing in a near city.

Start Point: QuikTrip in Mansfield at 1590 E Broad Street Mansfield, TX 76063
Start Time: 8:00a

Please let us know if you will join us by emailing