Talimena Scenic Byway Tour

Talimena Scenic Drive

We are only days away from our Day-Trip to the Talimena Scenic Byway tour (July 25th).

We are starting early in Hugo, OK at 8 a.m.  Book at hotel room for Friday night, 7/24 at HiWay Inn Express ($87/night) of Hugo (2111 E Jackson St Hugo, OK 74743  580-326-5100) or Holiday Inn Express in Paris, TX (~$130/night) and we’ll head out 8 a.m. in Hugo, OK and head to the Talimena Scenic Drive.  Please let Raymond know if you can attend.

Friday: Join a few of us for dinner (think 6p) at The Village at Fairview – 75 & Stacy Rd – we’ll take a non-direct route to Paris, TX and then onto Hugo, OK.  Friday maps are here.  We will meet up at 7:00 p.m. in the Container Store parking lot closest to Stacy Rd.

Some Restaurants to Consider at The Village:

  • Twisted Root Burger
  • Zoe’s Kitchen
  • Gloria’s
  • Patrizio

Saturday (Approximate Schedule):
8:00a:    Starting from Hugo Hotel
9:15a     Talihina Rest stop/Gas (81.5 miles from Hugo) (~15 min stop)
10:00a   Stop at Overlook (~29 miles from Talihina) (~15 min stop – pictures, etc)
11:45a   Mena, AK (~106 miles from Overlook, gas stop)
12:15p   Queen Willimena Lunch Stop (~31 miles from Mena to Queen Willimena State Park)
1:45 or 2:00p      Leave Queen Willimena to head back to Texas
3:30p     Stop at Choctaw Travel Plaza (~108 miles from start, gas and restrooms)
5:45p     Arriving in McKinney Area (~130 miles from Choctaw Travel Plaza)

Here are the maps for Saturday

Update: August 1st: Social Event (Not a tour) You can RSVP at EventBrite.

Jack and Billie Rogers, members of the Lone Star Chapter since 2008, have offered to open up their home in Arlington to our chapter members for a social event on Saturday, August 1st, 2015 from 4p-8p.

While no alcohol will be served or allowed, this event will feature food, movie time and telling stories and getting to know your fellow members of the club.  Jack and Billie have a pool available for members who wish to swim.  There is an outside pool bath room but no shower available.  Be aware that the pool is deep with little shallow areas.  House and pool are not child friendly.  We recommend not brining children to the event as we cannot provide for their safety. 

If you can join us, we’d love to have you RSVP to this invite with either a maybe (so they can give a caterer an initial number) or a Yes (so we can get a final count).

August 29th: Gimmick Rally.  First annual Gimmick Rally will occur but we need at minimum of 10 cars (with a driver and navigator).  This Rally is a scavenger hunt and is self-paced, non-timed and street-legal.  Brian George is leading the rally and pre-registration (which is letting Brian George know you want to participate) is required.

Update: September 12th: Half-day tour from Lone Star Park Come early to see the Auto Cross Group do some runs.  We’re working to make this a show and tell event for all BMWs in the area.  We will leave Lone Star Park about 1 p.m. and head somewhere interesting for dinner possibilities.  More details to come.

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